Very convenient apartments with ocean view in Zihuatanejo

$400750 MX
Listing ID: YR-ZIH-CON-B105
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1
Construction: 60-67 m2
Floors: 1
January 12, 2015


There are only 12 apartments in the building which share some expenses. All of the apartments, except the three apartments on the first level, have a parking space. The three apartments located on the fourth floor have a roofgarden overlooking the city and the bay. There is also a common area  for the fourth floor apartments on the roof where the gas tank is located as well as a laundry area. For the rest of the apartments there is a common laundry area in the basement where the parking lot is located. There is also a room with a full bathroom for the security guard.

The apartments are within a five minute walking distance from downtown and  very close to one of the main avenues of Zihuatanejo. They have a nice view to the bay in the front and a nice view to the mountain in the back.

Prices  and parking space depend on the level:

1st  level 
depto. 101:  NO PARKING  559, 165  pesos,64.55 m2/694.55 Sq.ft.
Apart. 102:   NO PARKING  400, 750  pesos 60m2/645.6 Sq. Ft.

2nd level                                                                                                                                                                                                                Apart203: PARKING   500,733 pesos     66.63 m2/716.93 Sq. Ft.

Third Level Apart 302:  PARKING,  611,888 pesos,  60m2/645.6 Sq ft                                                                                                                                                      Apart 303:  PARKING, 689,001 pesos, 66.63m2/716.93 Sq Ft

4th level with Roof Garden

Apart  401:  PARKING,  857,351.5 pesos, 64.55 m2/694.55

Apart 402: PARKING,  796, 918.5 pesos,  60m2/645.6 Sq Ft






Two blocks from downtown,  5 blocks from the main Beach in Zihuatanejo

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